The Thin Green Line Foundation Protects Nature’s Protectors on the frontline of conservation across

the globe. With over 1000 rangers killed in action in the last 10 years it has never been more important

to support this essential  conservation work.

We provide vital equipment, training and resources to rangers in the field, predominantly in high value

conservation and conflict zones. Additionally we do not forget the widows and children of our fallen

conservation heroes and provide meaningful and effective social support.

Many of the world’s Park Rangers work in extreme conditions while protecting our endangered species and ecosystems.

Low pay, lack of equipment, poor living conditions and the threat of severe violence is the daily reality for many of these frontline conservationists.

For example:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo over the last 10 years, 183 Park Rangers have been killed in one National Park.
  • Cambodia – Park Rangers survive on a mere $30 per month, $70 below the poverty line.
  • Colombia - Park Rangers are killed when dealing with drug cartels, land mines and militias.
  • India – Park Rangers have been buried alive in sawing pits by illegal timber poachers.

This is a small sample of the incidents we receive on a daily basis!

With your help we are making an important difference to lives and working conditions of these brave men and women.


The Thin Green Line Foundation is an authorised charity, with full Deductible Gift Recipient status.

It was established out of the need of the International Ranger Federation to support its Park Rangers in the field.

It was founded by Sean Willmore, an award-winning conservationist, documentary filmmaker, Park Ranger and current President of the International Ranger Federation. (IRF)

Today the foundation is governed by a full board of directors; managed by Sean Willmore and supported by a host of pro bono professionals and dedicated grass roots volunteers.

Through its unique approach the foundation enjoys the support from a wide cross section of the worlds artistic and music community.

Proud Ambassadors and supporters include Dr. Jane Goodall, Tim Flannery, Gotye, Tex Perkins, and the late Bryce Courtenay.

100% of the  public donations received are directed to supporting projects on the ground in the places where it is most needed.


Projects and support are designed to work in each specific location and include:


• Supplying essential patrol equipment (ie: GPS units, mosquito nets, uniforms)
• Provision of anti poaching and conservation training
• Provision of essential security equipment – including bullet-proof vests
• Provision of critical medical assistance to park Rangers and their families
• Support for widows and children of Park Rangers killed and severely injured
• Providing security camps for Park Rangers in conflict zones
• Paying salary supplements to keep rangers above the poverty line
• Donating solar cooking devices to surrounding communities to prevent timber poaching

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Protecting Nature's Protectors

Over 1,000 Park Rangers have lost their lives across the globe in the last 10 years. The Thin Green Line Foundation along with our strong partners the International Ranger Federation are the only organisations dedicated to protecting these protectors. 100% of your donations go to supporting projects on the ground, and are fully tax deductable.

Our vision is to ensure all Park Rangers, and their immediate communities around the globe are sufficiently supported to carry out their conservation duties, and where a ranger is injured or killed in the line of duty that the family is adequately supported.

Latest News

John Makombo, legendary Ugandan ranger who shines in my film has arrived in Australia. Very excited to have him here. He'll be doing some public talks as well as coming to ByronBluesFest to meet all the artists and get our next guitar signed. His talks will be announced shortly, but April 12 for Sydney, April 19 for melbourne and a few others! Really great to have him here!


Check out this heartfelt message from Dr Jane Goodall (renowned primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace), supporting rangers and the Thin Green Line Foundations work.
Its an honour to have her supporting our efforts.